Shelters in Nowa Huta

Other Territorial Air Defence structures

Irrespective of the construction of equipment required to protect against air raids, the Territorial Air Defence anticipated the development of other structures which together would create a complex system of civil defence.

Another element of the system were decontamination baths. They were being set up in existing public baths and buildings with separate shower rooms, such as schools, hospitals, and health centres. They consisted of three separate areas connected by halls. The first space was a changing room (contaminated cloths were taken off), in the second one sanitary and bath procedures took place, while the third one served as a dressing room. Nearby a decontamination bath, also a spot for clothes disinfection was located. In Nowa Huta, a large bath was located in one of the buildings of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station. 50 people of the same sex could use it at the same time.

A significant element of the reconnaissance and alarm system were watchtowers. In additional storeys to a city’s or district’s suburb buildings, a reconnaissance team was to keep its guard. Its tasks included observation of the assigned area, registering threats (devastations, contaminations, fire) and the direction where it spreads, as well as informing the entities staying in the command post of such events. In Nowa Huta, one of the watchtowers was located on block no. 4 in A-11 neighbourhood (Stalowe).

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The basic means for alarming were 5 kW electric sirens. They were activated from the command posts, where remote control switchboards, connected with the sirens by telephone lines, were located. Additional alarm means included industrial sirens, manual membrane bells and gongs, and wired radio.

In order to provide residents with water and fire protection, public wells were developed (they can be found in many Nowa Huta neighbourhoods and often are in a working condition), as well as fire-fighting water tanks (a plan with the location of an open fire-fighting water tank in D-2 neighbourhood – Kolorowe – survived, however the investment has not been implemented).


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